How to Protect Your Kids from Asbestos Exposure?

For those who don’t know, asbestos is accountable for a lot of deaths in the United States. Since kids don’t know the risk it presents, they are at risk. Children would play on all kinds of surfaces and pick up pieces of material that they can hold. They probably do not know the risk that may exist in their house. This is particularly true if the house is built before the 1980s. 

Asbestos roo in the sunshine.
Illustration of asbestos exposure and hazard from an old asbestos roof.

The substance can be in walls and roofing. Almost every parent is choosing to work with businesses that offer asbestos removal Blackpool since deteriorating walls can emit the fibres.  

How to Protect Your Kids? 

The ideal way to keep your kids protected is through knowledge and vigilance. Tell your children what asbestos is and where they may find it. Tell them that while it is safe for individuals to work and live there, they shouldn’t touch damaged parts and walls of a property.  

You should also take safety measures by visiting the school of your kids and asking if the property contains asbestos. Know what they’re doing to protect the students. In addition to that, know what products you purchase for your kids. There might be asbestos in the crayons and makeup of your kids.  

If you talk to your friends and neighbours about the risks of asbestos, you can stay proactive. Let your friends and neighbours what they can do to keep their kids and themselves safe. Lastly, spend some time looking for a reliable asbestos removal company if you live in an old house. It is vital to never try to get rid of the particles on your own since it can be risky for your family and yourself.  

Reasons Your Kids Are at Risk 

While you probably know how risky asbestos can be, it is easy to forget about it when you cannot see it. However, the fibres may be in the house of a friend or the school of your child, regardless if you live in a newer house, kids are at high risk for respiratory problems. 

The reason for this is that they still have developing lungs. They’ve got a bigger volume to surface area ratio since their lungs aren’t as big as an adult. Also, children have a tendency to breathe faster. This means they might inhale the asbestos fibres more compared to adults.  

Since kids put their hands and materials in their mouth, they can get asbestos in their body this way. Whenever they’re in a place with asbestos, they may unknowingly put the particles in their mouths.  

Hire a Professional Asbestos Removal Company 

You can help in preventing permanent damage to your kids’ respiratory system if you keep them safe from asbestos. You shouldn’t allow your kids to play near abandoned houses. You should also think about hiring an asbestos removal company if you live in an old house. If you aren’t sure that your home contains asbestos, you can always hire a professional company to inspect your home for asbestos fibres.  Asbestos exposure is an everyday danger. Remove asbestos as soon as you can.

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